Our business comprises of four verticals:

With time, learning and effort, our four pillars have enabled us to create JUMPNET, our integrated ecosystem enabling us to deliver world-class digital services to remotest parts of the world.

  • 01 Core Technology
  • 02 Enabling Infrastructure
  • 03 Consumer Devices
  • 04 Content

Core Technology

World’s most inclusive streaming technology. 
Licensed from Streamcast Technologies Inc, our core tech is a proprietary, private Internet Protocol (“IP”) platform and provider of cloud-based software as a service (“SaaS”) services for the underserved populations of the world. Our core tech enables delivery of digital services and high definition content on ultra-low bandwidth, independent of device, operating system, and network.

Enabling Infrastructure

Infrastructure that enables us to deliver our core digital services better. 
This spans world-class educational facilities, ‘smart’ roads, high-compute, Tier 3 datacentres, manufacturing units, retail networks and more.

Consumer Devices

Making every household digitally connected.

One of our first products is our Set Top Box (STB) – a quadcore Android box, which is SIM-enabled provided by our telecom partners in respective countries and provides HDMI support as well as acts as a WiFi hotspot.


Entertainment. Education. Everything. 

Democratising quality content and services for everyone is our mission. Our platform showcases content of all fields – education, leisure, entertainment, gaming, financial transactions, etc.